Ages: 33 months to 4 years
Teacher to Child Ratio: 1:10
Teacher Focus: To create a stimulating, fun and positive learning environment in which children are encouraged to explore and learn through play.

Program Focus & Goals: Expand on knowledge of colors and counting through simple math and group activities.
Introduction of basic problem-solving skills.
Encourage independent and group learning through the introduction of simple science, reading, math, art, and music activities. Further promote sharing, using words, proper boundaries, and awareness of others through small group work.

Social Goals: Encourage the use of simple problem solving skills. Foster skills necessary for children to be able to begin to form simple relationships. Introduction of cooperative, small group work. Children in the young preschool room are provided with the opportunity to learn every day through fun, imaginative and educational activities. Each day a variety of subjects ranging from math to art exploration are incorporated so that children have the opportunity to make new discoveries at an individual pace. Back to Classrooms