Ages: 4 to 5 years old/Pre-Kindergarten
Teacher to Child Ratio: 1:10
Teacher Focus: To create an environment in which children are encouraged to learn - both independently and as part of a group - through a wide variety of exciting, challenging and age-appropriate activities all focused on kindergarten readiness.

Program Focus and Goals: Encourage exploration of various subjects such as: science, sensory, cooking, math, art, reading & phonics, and music through fun learning activities. Promote independent choices & learning through the use of discovery areas & educational stations. Expand on skills necessary for kindergarten.

Social Goals: Encourage age appropriate interactions and problem-solving skills through cooperative group work. Increase awareness of others such that each child is able to articulate thoughts about both themselves and others. Increased comfort and satisfaction in the ability to make positive decisions both independently & as part of a group. The children in the older preschool room are provided with a variety of fun, creative, challenging activities throughout each day that work to promote kindergarten readiness. The staff encourages each child to explore the many different discovery areas as well as working with each child individually to ensure their future success in the school years ahead. Back to Classrooms