Ages: 16 months to 33 months
Teacher to Child Ratio: 1:7
Teacher Focus: To provide a safe, nurturing environment in which children can learn self-help skills along with other basic skills through teacher guided and independent learning activities.

Program Focus & Goals: Increase child's sense of self awareness and their world. Encourage self-help skills. Introduction of basic social concepts such as: sharing, using words, cleaning up, and listening to and following simple directions. Introduction to colors and counting through music, stories, and group activities.

Social Goals: Promote sharing and awareness of others.
Encourage proper boundaries and use of words.Foster both non-verbal and verbal communication skills. The children in the toddler room are challenged every day through the implementation of fun and creative teacher directed activities ranging from art to cooking. They are also encouraged to explore areas and activities (such as sensory and music), on their own thus helping to instill a sense of independence and accomplishment in each child. Back to Classrooms